Blogging out of Africa for charity


Follow live reports on dentists and dental nurses volunteering services to a community in need in East Africa

Dentists and dental nurses volunteering their services to a community in need in East Africa are having their experience reported live via blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Dental charity, Bridge2Aid, provides emergency access to pain relief to those who need it through their Dental Volunteer Programme (DVP).  And a team from GG Communications (GGC), the company that offers marketing support to the dental charity, Bridge2Aid (B2A), and from FMC, publishers of Dentistry, is offering live updates on the exploits of the young team who flew out earlier this week to offer dental treatment to the community in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Bridge2Aid offers this support to an area in need of dentists, just one of the places in the world included in the 70% without access to a dentist.The DVP team (below) trains local healthcare workers on how to diagnose, administer local anaesthetic and extract teeth, to create a sustainable solution to the problem. more


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