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Lies, Myths, and Fairytales being told in Dentistry!

Mai 7, 2008

Myth #1. „All you have to be is a good dentist … and patients will flood your office. You’ll have a successful practice!“

Reality: the public doesn’t know the difference between a ‚bad‘ dentist and a great dentist. Great Dentists who DO NOT know how to market and promote their dental practices … will go broke, struggle, and wonder why!

Myth/Lie #2: Advertising and Marketing is unprofessional!

Reality: Advertising and marketing is the best way to educate the public on what the dental profession can do!

The fact is that good marketing contributes to the growth of all Dentists! It’s a good thing … and most importantly is a MUST for anyone serious about running a successful business!

After all, that is what you are in … a business!

Myth/Lie #3: We are in a Recession!

Reality: A recession might be going on … but my clients are doing better than ever before!

While wall street and CNN is brain washing everyone about the doom and gloom of our economy … the real solution is what YOU ‚think‘ and what you do!

During times like these … you need to market and promote more than ever before! Plus, make sure you are communicating and nurturing your existing patient base!

If you are NOT doing this, then I can predict you will have tough times ahead.

On the flip side, if you want to start attracting more patients who gladly Pay, Stay, and Refer, then I’ll give you the keys to the kingdom.